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 One-Piece Augers(Make- Forestry Suppliers  U.S.A)

Simple one-piece design is ideal for soil sampling, tree planting, and placing gypsum blocks or tensiometers. Features include 13" cross handle with vinyl grips and 42" extension rod. Augers have maximum sampling depth of approximately 55". Buckets are made of carbon steel. Available in either 3" or 4" diameter. Choose regular auger for sandy or clay loams and clay auger for heavy, wet clays. 

One-Piece 3" Regular Auger  , One-Piece 3˝ Clay Auger  , One-Piece 4" Regular Auger , One-Piece 4˝ Clay Auger

 Bucket Augers (Make-Forestry Suppliers U.S.A)

These fast-working bucket augers utilize a simple, reliable hex drive quick connect system which uses a one-piece pin for securely holding tools together, eliminating problems of stripped or worn threads. Will not freeze up because there are no spring-loaded pins. No tools are needed in the field for assembling or disassembling! Bits on all augers are made from high strength, heat-treated material, eliminating rough hard facing and facilitating smooth, easy cutting action. Available in Carbon Steel which is great for regular sampling applications or Stainless Steel which is recommended when minimum contamination of sample is important. Bucket Augers are available in three diameters – 2", 3" or 4". All 2" diameter augers and the Mud/Dutch auger measure 12" long while all other 3" augers and all 4" augers measure 18" long. Note: Cross handles and extensions sold separately

Carbon Steel Auger Buckets - Regular Auger, 2˝ , Regular Auger, 3˝ , Regular Auger, 4˝ , Mud/Clay Auger, 3˝, Mud/Clay Auger, 4˝, Sand Auger, 2˝  , Replacement Pins, Sand Auger, 3˝, Sand Auger, 4˝, Mud/Dutch Auger, 3˝ .

Stainless Steel Auger Buckets - Regular Auger, 2˝, Regular Auger, 3˝, Regular Auger, 4˝, Mud/Clay Auger, 3˝, Mud/Clay Auger, 4˝, Sand Auger, 2˝ , Sand Auger, 3˝.

Cross Handles Designed with comfort in mind, each handle features durable, vinyl grips. Measuring 16˝ long, these cross handles provide plenty of driving force. Available in Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel.   

Extensions Extensions are constructed of high strength 1˝ tubing for extra durability. Each is permanently marked in 6˝ increments for easy depth measurements! Available in Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel in 2', 3', 4', or 5' lengths. *Note: Carbon Steel extension fittings are carbon steel, remainder of extension is stainless steel.

AMS 3-1/4" Telescoping Augers (Make- AMS U.S.A)

Simply adjust these chrome molybdenum, 3-1/4" augers anywhere from 5'4" to 9', and they’re ready to go – no extensions, no tools.  Available in regular, mud, and sand models.   Comes complete with standard auger head and cross handle.

3-1/4˝ Telescoping Regular Auger, 3-1/4˝ Telescoping Mud Auger, Replacement Head for Regular Auger, Replacement Head for Mud Auger , Replacement Pins

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