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Spiegel Relaskop (Make Spiegel, Austria)
Used in variable plot and Three P sampling. American Scale reads in English units (sq. ft./acre, inches, feet). Use where trees are smaller than 96" dbh on level or steep terrain. Metric Scale reads in metric units (sq. m/hectare, centimeters, meters). Excellent for a variety of forest conditions and tree sizes. Wide Scale is designed for metric measurements (diameter measurements convert to inches or centimeters). Recommended for trees larger than 244 cm (96") dbh. Works on level or sloping terrain. CP Scale is ideal when metric or English measurements are desired (basal area in sq. m/hectare only). An optional Accessory Light illuminates scale in the dark. Leather case and illustrated booklet included.
 American Scale Relaskop , Metric Scale Relaskop , Wide Scale Relaskop , CP Scale Relaskop 
       Relaskop Accessories
  • Ball Joint Adapter – for attaching Relaskop to Jacob Staff  
  • Clear Replacement Window 
  • Frosted Replacement Window
  • Leather Case for Relaskop
  • Jacob Staff, 54˝ 
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