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Suunto Vista KB-20 Compass (Make Sunnto Finnland)
With the same features as the KB-14, the high-impact plastic housing of the KB-20 floats and is both waterproof and shockproof. Graduated to 1°; estimates to ½°. Small backsight bearings are printed above the larger foresight bearings for easier orientation, navigation. Size: 2-7/8" x 2-1/8" x 5/8". Includes lanyard. Sold without case.
  • Suunto Vista Yellow KB-20 Compass, Azimuth, Zone 1
  • Suunto Vista Graphite  KB-20 Compass, Azimuth, Zone 1
  • Suunto Vista Yellow KB-20 Compass, Azimuth, Zone 2
Suunto Tandem Compass/Clinometer (Make Sunnto Finnland)
The Tandem combines a liquid damped precision compass and clinometer in one compact, rugged aluminum housing that protects against impact, corrosion, and water. Clinometer scale is graduated in percent and degree (0-90°, 0-150%); compass scale is in azimuth (0-360°) with the option of declination adjustment (20° East and West). The compass is graduated in 1/2° increments, and the clinometer is graduated in 1°/1% increments. Both the compass and clinometer are individually calibrated. Engraved inch scale and cotangent and cosine tables to 45 on the back. Threaded tripod socket. Includes carrying case and lanyard.
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